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Welcome to the Outerverse

SmartMedia Labs partnered with Outside to power the Outerverse Passport Drop, offering a seamless user experience for Outside’s outdoor enthusiast, crypto-curious community.

Our 2-click custodial wallet registration, credit card enabled NFT marketplace, and pre-launch SMT invite for Bedrock Badge holders created a seamless user experience.

A series of Web3 activations acquired over 15K wallets in a one-month period, leading up to the token-gated Presale Drop for Bedrock Badge NFT holders. Users — many new to the world of Web3 — engaged with their wallet through various sweepstakes, gear drops, IRL scavenger hunts and artist collab experiences.

A few days before the drop, Bedrock Badge holders received a Presale Invite SMT. During the first hour of Passport Presale, over 100 users navigated straight into their wallet to purchase in the marketplace. Passport purchasers received an interactive, animated Receipt NFT complete with a unique promo code to redeem their first perk, an O+ membership.

SmartMedia ultimately enabled 83% of total passport sales (vs. 17% of users purchased with crypto via