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to sell 100 AXE Dogecan: The Stick IRL NFTs

SmartMedia Labs partnered with Unilever to power the AXE Dodgeday NFT Drop, dropping 100 limited-edition in real life (IRL) Axe Dogecan deodorant sticks for fans to purchase using Dogecoin. The experience was tokengated using Smart NFTs. 

The immersive experience was powered by our enterprise Web3 platform, enabling MUCH WOW with two-click, web3 wallet registration and integrated NFT marketplace, paired with 3D animated, interactive and serialized Smart NFTs. SmartMedia Labs made Web3 easy for the end user to engage and Web3 easy for Unilever to activate.

Users claimed their right to purchase Dogecan: The Stick with Dogecoin by claiming a Dogecan Invite at one of four drop times by redeeming their Drop Token SMT in the marketplace. Upon paying with Dogecoin, users received an animated, interactive Receipt NFT written to Polygon.